AutoPod is a professional grade podcast management suite with built in integration for Listen Again / On Demand content, powered by resilient recording systems and giving you the ability to turn any of your content into a podcast episode (what a mouthful).

Listen Again functionality and recordings made by AutoPod provide anyone with an online stream of audio with the facility to capture and distribute their content, opening up new platforms and opportunities. You do not need to be a full time radio station to use AutoPod, and could even be as simple as a single weekly church broadcast.

The software was made in response to similar systems used within UK community radio and the thought that there was an opportunity to expand on the ideas that had already been used to create a brand new product using modern cloud based systems with scope to expand to a wider audience.

I’m Oliver and I created AutoPod beginning in September 2019, with an initial release available in June 2020. Looking back, the preview was incredibly basic and it’s a marvel that I managed to get anyone to use it! I continue to improve the software and reliability of the system to expand out to a fully fledged suite of tools that you can use to make life easier and provide a single interface for the management of non-live audio distribution.

The goal for me on a personal level is to make enough income to work on AutoPod full time, I sincerely believe that there is scope for a system like this, making it simple for stations to break into the world of on demand audio. I have plans for moving the service forward in future and improving the listener experience – all of which will happen faster when I can work on the product on a full time basis.

In the next 12 months, I will continue to expand the features of the platform and aim to add a level of polish that I think is missing at the moment. Everything seems to work ok, but there is something missing from the dashboard and HTML widgets which I have not quite put my finger on yet.

At the time of writing there are approximately 50 stations currently using AutoPod and I would love to thank them all for the continued support and hope that we can continue to work together for a long time. The development of new features and ideas has very much been a collaborative effort and without the feedback and input of the radio stations we would not be where we are today.